Des Moines Bed Bug Control Guide

Have you been looking for how you can eliminate bed bugs? At one time an afterthought, such pests have recently made quite the comeback. The more you understand about bed bugs, the better your opportunities of avoiding them. Basics of Bed Bugs Bed bugs derive their name from the truth that they’re typically discovered in […]

What Is Pest Control?

Some folks think of insects or bugs as they hear the term “pests,” while other people imagine rats, mice, squirrels, or raccoons. Therefore, what is pest control? “Pests” comprise of any rodent, insect, or wildlife which is considered unwanted because it either invades people’s businesses or homes and causes damage or heightens the risk of […]

Honey Bee

Honey Bees Are The Bees Knees

Honey Bees are a critical part of food production but did you know just how cool they are? Honey bees, buzzing around the new blossoms of spring bring delight and also fear to many.  Here are some amazing facts about honey bees. Did you know? Unlike other social wasp and bee varieties honey bees maintain […]

9 Deadly Insects You Might Not Know Existed

9 Deadliest Insects (The Top 3 live in Iowa) [blank_space height=’1em’] 9. Bullet Ant One of the largest species of ants in the world, the bullet ant can be up to 1″ long.  The Bullet ants sting has been called one of the most painful feelings in the world and it gets it name from the […]