DIY pest control products are easy to access from local hardware stores and grocery stores. Products like Home Defense, Raid, Hot Shot and others can be a tool in for Ankeny and central Iowa home owners but is DIY pest control your best choice for solving pest problems? Many of our pest control customers had or have used over the counter pest control products, but is it a good idea for you and your family?

Active Ingredients
Active ingredients are the chemistry that actually kills pests around your home. Janssen Pest Control technicians spend about 30 hours of training to understand how active ingredients interact with pests and the environment. Many products available to consumers have a similar active ingredient as professional grade products. These ingredients include bifinthrin, Cypermethrin, and other active ingredients ending in “thrin” are members of a class of insecticides called synthetic pyrethroids. These class of insecticides are commonly used by professionals.

So why does that matter? Professional applicators in Iowa must take and pass certification tests that prove they are knowledgeable enough to safely apply pesticides in and around structures. Home owners are not required to study and take these certification exams and often are unaware of the products proper use and handling.

Formulation is the way a product is either diluted, suspended or attached to a delivery method. Examples include bait, emulsifiable concentrate (EC), suspended concentrates (SC), water soluble granules (WSG) and aerosol formulations among others. Each of these formulations have their benefits and their downfalls and all are available to consumers for a local hardware store or via a website. So what is the difference and why does it matter? As stated before, each formulation is appropriate for different types of active ingredients and different kinds of pests. Our pest control technicians are trained weekly on product labels to stay on top of changes in the pest control industry and to be sure they always are following label directions when applying around our customers’ homes and businesses. Unfortunately many home owners don’t fully read or understand the labeled direction on pest control products that they purchases and that can have a harmful effect on the environment and their families’ health.

Product Labels (the label is the law)
Most people have seen the term “It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling” on products they have purchased. These means that mis-applying or using this product incorrectly could result in fines and or imprisonment. Of course most of the time people don’t find themselves in prison for using products “off label” but it is an important consideration when choosing to perform your own pest control at home. Labels can be difficult to read and understand and require time and research to understand the proper way to use certain products. Our Janssen Pest Control technicians spend a great deal studying and understand product labels before they ever use them in a customer’s home.

Time, Quantity and Price
Properly performing pest control around your home can be time consuming, especially considering the previously mentioned factors regarding selecting the right products to use in your home. Once you select the product, read and understand the label and apply it you have spent several hours at the hardware store, and plenty of time in the garage reading the label. All pest control products are designed to degrade over time to minimize their impact on the environment and for maximum protection need to be reapplied on a regular basis. All of this takes time. Many of the products sold over the counter cost between 10 and 30 dollars and are often packed in sizes less than 1 gallon. To effectively treat a home for pests following labeled directions it may take between 2 and 5 gallons of product if the exterior is properly treated. That’s $20.00 to $100.00 per application just for the product.

Doing your own pest control can be done, but often is more costly and more time intensive then many home owners may think.  Trust Janssen Pest Solutions to help you exterminate pest issues and keep your home and the environment happy and healthy.  Contact us for a free estimate today!