What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated pest management has been a term used in West Des Moines pest control and by pest control companies throughout the United States since the early 90’s.  As science and the pest control industry has evolved pest control experts have developed ways to control pest in a better way.  IPM in short, is the practice of identifying the type of pest, recommending physical, mechanical, cultural, chemical, biological and educational programs to keep pest populations low enough to prevent intolerable damage or annoyance and monitoring the pest activity to quickly identify and eliminate fledgling pest populations.  Understanding these key principles is what helps Janssen Pest Solutions stand out above the pack in West Des Moines pest control and achieve amazing results for our pest control customers.

Step 1. Identification


Pests must be properly identified in order to recommend an effective treatment.  Janssen technicians receive 60 hours of continuing education each year to ensure they are truly pest control experts.  Once a pest is identified, an inspection must ensue in order to find and help eliminate conditions that are promoting the pest population.  All pests have a life cycle, and these life cycles are quite different depending on the species of pest that is found.  For example, fire brats and silverfish are very similar in size, shape and color.  They are classified in the same group of pest, “bristle tails” but they have very different habitats and preferred breading sites.  A properly trained and certified pest control technician knows the difference and knows where to look to control either pest.

Step 2. Recommending Modifications
Modifications cover the areas of physical, mechanical, cultural, chemical, biological and educational controls.  Some simple examples of this include removing trash that may be the source of fruit fly or house fly breading.  This technique requires no chemical control method and is very effective.  Another example is pest control exclusion.  Often time a home owner will call about a mouse problem they are having.  Upon identifying the type of mouse (there are over 10 species of mice found in Iowa) our technician will find areas where mice can easily gain entry into a home.  Sealing up utility penetrations, repairing soffits and installing door sweeps can prevent new mice from entering the home.

Landscaping can have a large impact on pest populations around West Des Moines homes as well. Mulch is a great tools for gardeners as it is designed to retain moisture to ensure plants remain healthy in the warm West Des Moines Summers.  Pests also thrive in moist environments and it has been said that all pest issues can be related back to moisture.  River rock is the preferred alternative to help provide an environmental control measure near homes.  Things like trimming trees and bushes back as well as removing toys and other items that catch rainfall can be helpful in reducing pest populations and preventing them from being able to bread around your West Des Moines Home.

Step 3. Pest Control Treatment (if required) 
West Des Moines pest control treatments should consider the pest issues that are prevalent during season or that may be prevalent during the coming season.  Different products are labeled for different pests, beyond that certain products are more effective against one pest then another.  This product efficacy is the basis for our green guard treatment program.  Janssen Pest Control Technicians will consider a number of factors when selecting the right product for the job.  These considerations include the environment that the product will be placed, the pests found in your West Des Moines homes area as well as who will potentially interact with the product, your family and your pets.  We select products that are effective yet ensure you and your family have a healthy, happy home!

Step 4.  Monitoring for future pest Activity
Janssen Pest control technicians have a great deal of knowledge and resources to monitor for future pest activity to prevent future pest infestations.  Items like insect monitors, bait stations and sightings logs are excellent tools to help identify and prevent future pest infestations from occurring.  Regular preventative pest control treatments and pest inspections can save West Des Moines Home owners a lot of time and money.  Consider our Green Guard pest control program to prevent future pest problems and if pests do come knocking, you know you can count on our pest free guarantee!