How are bed bugs treated:
There are three major types of professional bed bug treatment Des Moines options.  We will discuss each in detail here.

Option 1: Chemical Bed Bug Treatments
Option 2: Partial thermal remediation with chemical in un-heated spaces.
Option 3: Total thermal remediation (whole house is heated to lethal temperature)

Option 1: Chemical Bed Bug Treatments


  • Chemical bed bug treatments are often the most inexpensive way to treat bed bugs.
  • Chemical bed bug treatment can be effective on low level infestation.
  • Chemical bed bug treatments have been an industry standard for many years


  • Chemical bed bug treatments take time to work.  According to best management practices, several visits are required to fully control bed bugs.
  • The higher the infestation level (which may be hard to judge even with a trained inspector) the more product and time it will take to control bed bugs in Des Moines and around the nation.
  • Bed bugs in Iowa and throughout the US have shown increasing resistance to modern professional grade pesticides.  Recent studies have found that nearly all bed bugs found in the wild (our homes) in the US show some signs of resistance to pyrethroid insecticides.

The wrap up:
While chemical bed bug treatments can be effective, they are often very disruptive to your home over an extended period of time and require a great deal of knowledge and experience by the pest control company.  Even the most experienced pest control technicians miss areas where bed bugs hid because bed bugs are cryptobiotic (they hid very well).  Not all surfaces can be treated with pesticides including bedding, clothes, electronics and surfaces humans commonly come in contact with on a regular basis.  Because not all surfaces can be treated some items may need to be thrown away to fully eliminate all the bed bugs in a home.

This process also commonly requires a great deal of preparation by the home owner to achieve the maximum effectiveness and kill ALL the bed bugs.  Not every bed bug is killed with one type of insecticide.  It is recommended that several different products be used to control bed bugs, there is no one “silver bullet” that kill every bed bug in your home.  With all treatments the possibility for re-introduction of bed bugs into your home exists.  The bed bugs found their way into your home once, they can do it again if your not diligent!

Option 2: Partial heat treatment with chemical in un-heated spaces


  • Items that can not be treated with chemical can be treated with heat to control bed bugs
  • Portable heat chambers can be set-up almost anywhere


  • Not every item can fit into the heat treatment compartment and therefore some items will still require chemical application.
  • While bed bugs will harbor in furnishings they commonly are found under baseboards, behind door frames and in structural and aesthetic parts of the home.  These areas must be treated with a chemical option.  Gravid female bed bugs (pregnant) often move away from bed bug aggregation sites in order to escape the harassing males.  This means that lone females will often lay there eggs in places away from normal aggregation sites, this behavior can make finding and elimination the eggs and gravid female bed bugs difficult.

The Wrap Up:
Using a portable heat chamber can assist in controlling bed bugs but must be coupled with an extensive chemical treatment.  As we learned in the previous option (Chemical bed bug treatments) not all bed bugs are killed the first time they are treated with chemical.  Once the heat chamber is shut off and the items brought out,  bed bugs that survived the chemical treatment may can find there way back into the heated items resulting in the need for multiple treatment to fully eliminate the bed bugs.  In our opinion if your going to heat something, do it right, heat the entire space and kill all the bed bugs the first time.

Option 3: Total Thermal Remediation


  • One treatment is usually all it takes to control bed bugs.
  • Often the preparation for this treatment  is much less then a chemical application.
  • No items will ever have to be thrown away when a total heat treatment is done.  These items are heated to a temperature that no bed bugs or there eggs can survive.
  • Heat kills ALL life stages of bed bugs.  Bed bugs can not survive temperatures above 120 degrees
  • The entire home is treated with heat allowing heat to penetrate deep into furnishings, stored items, beneath carpets, behind baseboards and door frames.  There is no place a bed bug can hide to escape our heat.
  • Janssen Pest Solutions utilizes a hybrid system to kill bed bugs and keep them away for good.  Not only do we heat your home to lethal temperature but we hold the heat longer then our competition.  Then we employ a minimum of 3 chemistry’s to provide a lasting residual that helps keep bed bugs away for good.  Now that integrated pest management at it finest!


  • Some preparation is required by the home owner or tenant in order to facilitate air flow throughout the home.
  • The home owner or tenant will have to be out of the home for most of the day 7:30am – 5:30pm.
  • Large equipment will be brought into the home.  This large equipment can make working in the space very difficult especially if there are a lot of items in the home and the preparation was not done properly by the home owner.  these conditions can increase the risk of damaging some items.  It is very important that the preparation sheet be follows in order to ensure no items are damaged.
  • Your neighbors might become curious why there is a trailer in your drive way.  Janssen Pest Solutions use un-marked trucks and trailers to perform our heat treatments.  We value your privacy!
  • Selection the right company and the right method of heat to control bed bugs can be confusing.  Janssen Pest solutions uses the Temp-Air electric thermal remediation system.  The Temp-Air system is superior to a forced gas system (a furnace in the trailer burns propane and blows the hot air into your home via ducting tube) because we never put a positive air pressure on your home.  Positive air pressure can cause bed bugs to follow the cold escaping air deep into hiding spots and survive the heat.  Our Temp-Air system recirculates the air inside your home and rather them forcing bed bugs into hiding spots, the heaters actually draws  bed bugs closer to them, before reaching lethal temperatures and killing them.

The wrap up:
Whole home thermal remediation is often more expensive then traditional chemical treatments but it is far superior in may ways.  Thermal remediation kills bed bugs, there is no resistance to the heat treatment.  Bed bugs exposed to temperature of 122 degrees are dead with in seconds.  As with the other treatment options re-introduction is a possibility. If bed bugs found their way into your home once they can do it again.  Combining the best of both worlds thermal and chemical treatment hybrid treatments, Janssen Pest Solutions offers an excellent bed bug treatment Des Moines experience that far exceeds the industry standards.  If you want to get rid of bed bugs thermal remediation from Janssen Pest Solutions is the best way to go!  When bed bugs are suspected in your home call Janssen Pest Solutions.  Janssen has the most effective and comprehensive bed bug treatment Des Moines and surrounding areas have to offer.