Odorous House Ants (Tapinoma Sessile): 

Often referred to as “sugar ants” these small black or brown colored ants are about 2.5 to 3mm long and live in colonies around your home.  They are a “tramp ant” meaning they often have several queens in a maze of colony structures.  Odorous house ants often find there way into homes in the spring and early summer and can come in huge droves to carry off spilled sweets and other foods.  One minute there may be what seems like hundreds and the next you may only see a few but you can be sure they are always lurking around your home our business.

Citronella Ants (Lasius Interjectus) 

These bright orange ants are about 4mm long and when crushed smell like… you guessed it citronella.  They commonly build nest under tree stumps and logs and landscape timbers.  Cironella ants often make large dirt mounds as they excavate underground colonies.  Sometimes these large mounds can be found in basements and crawlspaces and can be mistaken for termites Des Moines. 

Carpenter Ants (Campontus Pennsylvanicus)

Carpenter ants are large (1/6-1/8 inch) black or Red and brown ants with distinctive hairs on the abdomen.  They are often found foraging in trees and or stumps and do not eat the wood but rather bore it out to live in.  If you see Carpenter ants or suspect you have Carpenter Ants call Janssen Pest Solutions for a free estimate to control Carpenter Ant treatments Des Moines.  These pests can do a considerable amount of damage to trees and to your home.  Carpenter ants often infest several areas around your home using “satellite” colony sites.

Winged Reproductive’s

Most ant species never have a winged reproductive.  These ants have wings and can fly, albeit poorly.  Their primary role in the colony is to leave the nest, usually in the spring, find a mate and start a new colony.  They are not interested in food other bait attractants.  If you are finding winged ants, you should call an exterminator Des Moines.  Trust Janssen Pest Solutions to find the source of the ant infestation and eliminate it! 
Some baits and sprays over the counter can be effective, but why risk mis-application of toxic products sold over the counter.  Trust a professional pest control company to make it easy for you.  Pest control companies have access to a wide variety of products and experiencing that help benefit their customers.  If your considering pest control West Des Moines and surrounding areas consider Janssen Pest Solutions.

Is Professional Pest Control Expensive?

If you factor in the cost to train an experience pest control technician, the variety of products available and volume of product used, you would discover that professional pest management is a real bargain.