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 Why We’re Different

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As home and business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping your environment pest-free.

Local Expertise

We’re a locally-owned business based in Urbandale. Our expertise is focused on pests indigenous to Iowa and the Midwest. With the potential of thousands of pests on your property and hundreds of pests within your home know our experts have been handling the spectrum of pests affecting Central Iowa since 1987.

Pest-free Guarantee

We uphold a pest-free guarantee! And it means what it says; we guarantee complete satisfaction with every service – So if pests within a scope of service program return…So do we and at no additional expense!

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How We Began

Our family-owned business has provided reliable pest control solutions to countless families and business owners. We uphold a pest-free guarantee, and it means just what it says: we guarantee your complete satisfaction with every service, every time. No gimmicks, no high-pressure sales, just genuine care and professional customer service.

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Pest Free Guarantee

What we do best

Pests are sneaky, and infestations seem to happen with no warning. Luckily, our bug-busting experts are even sneakier. Janssen Pest Solutions believes in using preventative measures to protect your home from tiny terrors before infestations even occur. Our comprehensive pest solutions include:

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    Running a business takes time and hard work, and the last thing you need is a pest infestation. Pests cost your business customers and employees. Janssen Pest Solutions resolves pest issues and keeps your organization safe.

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    Pest problems lead to property loss, tenant dissatisfaction, and reputation damage. Don’t let pests jeopardize your property’s reputation and your tenants’ well-being.

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    Pests bring distress, embarrassment, and frustration into our homes—all while threatening our physical wellbeing. At Janssen Pest Solutions, we exterminate your concerns and return your peace-of-mind.



  • National Pest Management Association
  • Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System
  • Iowa Pest Management Association
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